Frequently Asked Questions

  • When dha is going to be launched? viewed 1471-times

    DHA Multan launch is tentatively planned in 2-3 months.

  • How the plot files can be purchased? viewed 917-times

    Please strictly follow the given guidelines for fair deal.
    1. Visit Registered Real Estate Agent:
    D.H.A Multan has registered real estate agents enlisted on website ‘’’’.
    2. Price Check
    Negotiate the price with registered real estate agents.
    3. Token Money
    Pay the token money and provide 2 X passport size white background photographs and 2 X copy of CNIC to Registered Dealer. The buyer must take receipt of payment made to registered agent mentioning token money and remaining dues.
    4. Full Payment
    DHA Office will issue intimation letter in the name of buyer approximately in 3 to 4 working days. Buyer can pay remaining dues to Real Estate Agent after receiving the original intimation Letter. Buyer can verify the intimation letter with DHA office before payment. The buyer must take receipt of payment made to registered agent. Buyer must pay Rs. 64160 as membership fee on the same day to DHA Multan.
    5. Allocation Letter
    Visit DHA office in person three working days after payment of membership fees, to collect your Allocation letter. DHA Office will award DHA File after verifying identity through Finger Print and Facial Recognition technologies.
    We are thankful for your interest in DHA Multan.

  • Can I purchase the DHA plot files and get it transfered in my name? viewed 3483-times

    Purchase / Transfer of DHA Multan Plot files :

    At Present, the files are available with Land Owner / Investors. DHA Multan transfer and record branch is transferring the plot files. For detailed procedure please refer to our transfer and record procedure which is available on our website or contact us on 061-111-111-189.

  • Does any land owner / investor require to seek assistance of any expert to meet the requirements of DHA land acquisition procedure? viewed 2027-times

    No, not at all, due to following steps ensured by DHA Lahore Multan Chapter, any person with least understanding can easily comply with the DHA land acquisition procedures without expertise.
    1. The forms and procedures are kept simple, logical and relevant to the normal land buying procedures/norms in vogue.
    2. Land Branch staff of DHA Lahore Multan Chapter from officer’s cadre to lower tiers of staff are open and all out for any help & guidance to make the things simple and understandable.

  • How can DHA Lahore Multan Chapter Land Branch staff be accessed / approached? viewed 1949-times

    Any person who is interested in offering any piece of land to DHA can contact its officials on given numbers or visit them within prescribed public dealing hours without any reference.

  • How much time it takes after submission of offered land papers till issuance of files? viewed 2054-times

    It mainly depends on the degree of correctness of submitted offered land docus & speedy possession by the land owner/investor to DHA, followed by conclusion of Sale Deed and Mutation in name of DHA. Normally it takes min 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

  • How the land can be offered to DHA Lahore Multan Chapter? viewed 1467-times

    Any land owner directly or through any investor or facilitator can offer his land to DHA Lahore Multan Chapter.

  • Is any person/Agency/Dealer etc. other than DHA Lahore Multan Chapter staff authorize to spell out or interpret or represent DHA for Land buying process? viewed 673-times

    No, nobody is authorize or entitle to spell out or interpret or represent DHA for buying of land process except concerned DHA employees/staff.

  • Is DHA Lahore Multan Chapter procuring land in areas other than specified area? viewed 1637-times

    No, DHA Lahore Multan Chapter is not procuring land any where other than its specified controlled area.

  • What all Mouza falls in DHA Lahore Multan Chapter notified area? viewed 2072-times

    Mouza Rai Pur, Sangi and Garh-e-Wahan falls completely within notified area. However, Mouza Gith Brabar, Basti Ratta, Panjkuha, Kotla Sadat, Madina & Noudhand falls partially within notified area.

  • Is there any minimum or maximum limit of offered land for acceptance by DHA Lahore Multan Chapter? viewed 1655-times

    No, there are no minimum or maximum land offering limits set for acceptance by DHA Lahore Multan Chapter. However, bigger chunks of land in contiguity are appreciated/ preferred.

  • What are the development charges? viewed 3890-times

    Development charges will be worked out by in consultant / DHA Engineer Branch at later stages. Tentatively it will be around 1.75 Millions in easy / equal quarterly installments.

  • What are the land buying rates of DHA? viewed 3722-times

    DHA Lahore Multan Chapter does not buy land on cash. Land is acquired from any land owner/Investor against exemption rate i.e issuance of 1 Kanal (i.e 500 Sq Yards) Residential plot file(s) against 1 acre of raw land. Numbers of files are negotiated on basis of quality, quantity (i.e in contiguity) and location of offered land.

  • What is DHA Lahore Multan Chapter controlled area? viewed 2116-times

    It is an area which has been gazette notified as controlled area for development of DHA Lahore Multan Chapter. Within DHA Lahore Multan Chapter notified control area none of the following activity can take place without obtaining NOC from DHA Authorities, and legal action can be taken against the violator:-
    a. Excavation of land.
    b. Cutting of Trees.
    c. Any type of constructions, or reconstructions
    d. Transfer of land except Warasti Intiqal
    e. No illegal sub-division, planning, preparing, developing or executing a housing scheme else it shall be dealt with under Article 18 & 19 of Defence Housing Authority order 2002, which provides of imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with both.

  • What is the total file value of 10 and 20 Marla plots including any hidden charges if any? viewed 4388-times

    At present only 1 kanal(500 sq yds) plot files are available in market and there are NO Hidden charges. These files can be purchased through authorized property dealers.List is given on webesite.

  • What kind of land is not acceptable to DHA Lahore Multan Chapter? viewed 1970-times

    Any land which is contentious, pledged, mortgaged, excavated or falls out of DHA area of interest is not acceptable to DHA.

  • Whom to contact for land offering procedure and procurement of different forms/docus? viewed 1054-times

    Land Branch of DHA Lahore Multan Chapter can be contacted or visited on following numbers and address between 10 AM to 4 PM (from Monday to Friday), for any information about land offering procedures:-
    a. Dir Land 061-6306366, 0320-6364222
    b. ADL-1 0333-5417069
    c. ADL-2 0300-9745312
    d. Address Land Branch, DHA Lahore Multan Chapter, 1, Multan Public School Road Multan

  • What is the location of DHA Lahore Multan Chapter? viewed 3202-times

    Area between Bosan Road and Mattital Road is the general area which forms part of controlled area of DHA Lahore Multan Chapter.

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