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What are the different sizes of DHA Multan Villas ?

The beautiful and unique Villas are of different sizes
6 Marla
9 Marla and
12 Marla (with option of 4 or 5 bedrooms)

How much I have to pay alongwith application form of DHA Multan villas for different sizes?

The application fee* (non refundable) and booking fee** (refundable in case of unsuccessful applicants) of DHA Multan villas for different sizes are as follows:
6 Marla(Rs.3,500*+50,000**)
9 Marla (Rs.4,000*+75,000**)
12 Marla-4 bed (Rs.4,500*+100,000**) and
12 Marla-5 bed (Rs.5,000*+125,000**)

How can I apply for DHA Multan Villas?

Applicants can apply in DHA Multan villas  as followed:
(1) Online (Application form is available at DHA Multan's website
(2) Manual (Application form is available at DHA Multan Main Office, Sub Office Lahore and selected branches of Askari Bank Limited, Bank Islami Pakistan, Faysal Bank Limited , Meezan Bank Limited and MCB Bank Limited).

Is photocopy of Dha Multan villa booking application form allowed?

Photocopy of DHA Multan villa booking application form is not allowed. Form has its unique application number against which only one application can be applied. For multiple applications each time customer should have a new form downloaded from our website or take by hand from DHA Multan main office, DHA Multan sub office Lahore and selected bank branches of designated banks.

What is the last date of application submission?

The last date for submitting application is September 28, 2018. No further extension is expected in last date

How successful applicants will be ascertained?

Successful applicants will be ascertained through computerized ballot.

What are the modes of payment?

There are two modes of payment:
(1) Online Payment (To be paid by Debit/Credit Card with online application form).
(2) Cash (To be paid in cash alongwith manual/online printed application form).

What is the procedure of submitting application for DHA Multan Villas?

The application can be submitted in the following modes:
(1) Fill the online application form. Make the payment through Debit/Credit card and submit the application online.
(2) Fill the online application form. Print the application form after selecting the cash payment option and make the payment at selected branches of Askari Bank Limited, Bank Islami Pakistan, Faysal Bank Limited , Meezan Bank Limited and MCB Bank Limited. The paid application should be submitted personally or send by post to DHA Villa Application Cell, DHA Multan, 01-Multan Public School Road, Multan or through our P.O Box No. 12, Multan  later by closing date i.e. September 28, 2018.
(3) Obtain the manual application form. Fill it manually and make the payment in cash. The paid application should be submitted personally or sent by post to DHA Villa Application Cell, DHA Multan, 01-Multan Public School Road, Multan or through our P.O Box No. 12, Multan later by closing date i.e. September 28, 2018.

Where to submit application form?

The duly filled and paid application forms should be submitted personally or send by post to DHA Villa Application Cell, DHA Multan, 01-Multan Public School Road, Multan or through our P.O Box No. 12, Multan before closing date i.e. September 28, 2018

How overseas clients can apply for DHA Villas?

Overseas Pakistanis can avail the opportunity of online application and pay the application fee either through credit/debit card or through their relatives/friends in Pakistan at designated banks.

Where do overseas applicant submit applications?

Overseas applicant can submit online application after paying through credit/debit card at DHA Multan's website However, if the online form has been printed and paid at designated banks in Pakistan, the duly filled and paid application form should be submitted personally or through mail to DHA Villa Application Cell, DHA Multan, 01-Multan Public School Road, Multan or through our P.O Box No. 12, Multan before closing date i.e. September 28, 2018.

What are names of designated banks of DHA Multan for making payment of application and booking fee?

Five designated banks for application and booking fee payment of DHA Multan Villas are:
Askari Bank Limited
Bank Islami Pakistan
Faysal Bank Limited
Meezan Bank Limited and
MCB Bank Limited

How can I get the status of my application?

(1) For online applicants, confirmation email alongwith ballot number will be sent within 6 working days from date of submission of online application.
(2) For payment made at bank, initially after submitting application, the applicant will receive a confirmation sms regarding amount deposited within 1-2 working days alongwith a subsequent sms regarding Ballot number upon confirmation of application.

(3)You can also Check your  status on our official website.  

When will the ballot take place?

Balloting will be conducted within 30 days after last date of application submission.

When DHA Multan will announce ballot results?

Results will be available the very next day on our website

How many applications can be submitted against single CNIC?

Multiple applications can be applied against single CNIC.

What is the age limit of applying for application?

18 years and above as on date of application and holding valid CNIC/NICOP can apply.

Is there any specific quota for Army Serving Officers?

No, there is no specific quota for Armed Forces.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.

What are the development charges of villas?

No further development charges will be applicable.

How booking fee will be refunded?

Booking fee will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants after 30 days from the date of balloting on producing original copy of bank deposit slip on concerned bank of customer. In case of online payment through debit/credit card at the time of application, the payment will be refunded to the applicant's respective debit/credit card.

What is the procedure of refund of booking fees of DHA Multan Villas?

In case of voluntary cancellation i.e. whereby the member asks for refund of his/her booking fee, the same shall be refunded after submission of application by the member and deduction of 10% booking fee by DHA Multan.

What are the consequences in case a member fails to pay his/her down payment after successful ballot within allotted time with respect to DHA Multan Villas?

If a member fails to pay his/her downpayment within allotted time, his/her villa shall stand cancelled. Booking fee shall be refunded after deduction of 10% booking processing fee.

How will the transfer of DHA Multan Villas shall take place?

The transfer of DHA Multan Villas shall take place only after downpayment and pending dues (if any) have been paid by the member.

How can I view my online statement & generate customized challans from website?

Please visit our website and follow the procedure:
• “Click Here to Enter Member Area” Tab.
• Insert your CNIC Number / Army Number without dashes. CNIC/Army no
• Insert your Reference Number with forward slashes.
• Enter code by inserting letters uppercase or Lowercase as shown on screen.
• Login in Member Area by clicking submit tab.

How can I change my address in record of DHA Multan ?

Please Email an application of address change at “support” along with the copy of Information letter / Allocation Letter / Transfer Allocation Letter & CNIC.

What is the NTN number of DHA Multan?

DHA Multan NTN Number is 0801647-0.

What are the facilities provided at DHA Multan Sub Office in Lahore?

DHA Multan Sub Office in Lahore facilitates transfer of plot files & support Customer Services. These facilities include:
a. Preparation of NDC.
b. Completion of Transfer Formalities
c. For Receiving of Aloc/Tfr Allocation Letter at Lahore Sub Office.
d. Please do not hesitate to contact DHA Multan at UAN: +92-61-111-111-189 and DHA Multan Sub Office in Lahore at +92-42-37132825 & 37132826 in case of any query.

How to Contact DHA Multan Finance Branch?

You can contact DHA Multan’s Finance branch at 061-6516035 (Extension No.183), 0346-8811342 and can Email at “".

Is there any possibility that price of plot might be changed after balloting?

Charges will remain same as mentioned in advertisement.

What are names of designated banks of DHA Multan for making payment of installment?

DHA Multan’s five designated banks are following:
a) Allied Bank Ltd.
b) Askari Bank Ltd.
c) Bank Alfalah Ltd.
d) Bank Al Habib Ltd.
e) Meezan Bank Ltd.

How overseas clients can make payment?

In case the payment cannot be processed from Pakistan, then it should only be made through “Foreign Demand Draft (FDD) in favour of DHA Lahore-Multan Chapter in Pak Rupees payable in Multan, Pakistan". The original FDD should be sent to DHA Multan's Finance Dept, along with covering letter having all relevant details i.e. Reference no. , Applicant Name, CNIC/NICOP etc. Please refrain from making direct online payments. Please do not hesitate to email us in case of any further queries.

Any personnel of armed forces on LPR is considered serving?

Yes, any Person on LPR will be considered as serving.

How much rebate is given on lump sum payment?

5% Rebate is given in case of lump sum payment on outstanding amount.

Where can I get information about plot rates?

Please contact our registered dealers listed on the website. for the required purpose.

How the plot files can be purchased?

Please strictly follow the given guidelines for fair deal.
1. Visit Registered Real Estate Agent:
D.H.A Multan has registered real estate agents enlisted on website ‘’’’.
2. Price Check
Negotiate the price with registered real estate agents.
3. Token Money
Pay the token money and provide 2 X passport size white background photographs and 2 X copy of CNIC to Registered Dealer. The buyer must take receipt of payment made to registered agent mentioning token money and remaining dues.
4. Full Payment
DHA Office will issue intimation letter in the name of buyer approximately in 3 to 4 working days. Buyer can pay remaining dues to Real Estate Agent after receiving the original intimation Letter. Buyer can verify the intimation letter with DHA office before payment. The buyer must take receipt of payment made to registered agent. Buyer must pay Rs. 64160 as membership fee on the same day to DHA Multan.
5. Allocation Letter
Visit DHA office in person three working days after payment of membership fees, to collect your Allocation letter. DHA Office will award DHA File after verifying identity through Finger Print and Facial Recognition technologies.
We are thankful for your interest in DHA Multan.

Does any land owner / investor require to seek assistance of any expert to meet the requirements of DHA land acquisition procedure?

No, not at all, due to following steps ensured by DHA Multan, any person with least understanding can easily comply with the DHA land acquisition procedures without expertise.
1. The forms and procedures are kept simple, logical and relevant to the normal land buying procedures/norms in vogue.
2. Land Branch staff of DHA Multan from officer’s cadre to lower tiers of staff are open and all out for any help & guidance to make the things simple and understandable.

How can DHA Multan Land Branch staff be accessed / approached?

Any person who is interested in offering any piece of land to DHA can contact its officials on UAN:061-111-111-189 numbers or visit them within prescribed public dealing hours 9:00 to  5:00 from Monday to Friday without any reference.

How much time it takes after submission of offered land papers till issuance of files?

It mainly depends on the degree of correctness of submitted offered land documents  & speedy possession by the land owner/investor to DHA, followed by conclusion of Sale Deed and Mutation in name of DHA. Normally it takes  6  to 8 weeks to conclude the process .

How the land can be offered to DHA Multan?

Any land owner directly or through any investor or facilitator can offer his land to DHA Multan.

Is any person/Agency/Dealer etc. other than DHA Multan staff authorize to spell out or interpret or represent DHA for Land buying process?

No, nobody is authorize or entitle to spell out or interpret or represent DHA for buying of land process except concerned DHA employees/staff.

Is DHA Multan procuring land in areas other than specified area?

No, DHA Multan is not procuring land any where other than its specified controlled area.

What all Mouza falls in DHA Multan notified area?

DHA Multan notified area is geographical boundary which can be consulted with our land branch in person.

Is there any minimum or maximum limit of offered land for acceptance by DHA Multan?

No, there are no minimum or maximum land offering limits set for acceptance by DHA Multan. However, bigger chunks of land in contiguity are appreciated/ preferred.

What are the development charges?

Development charges will be worked out soon as DHA Multan Development work is already in progress with fast pace.

What are the land buying rates of DHA?

DHA Multan does not buy land on cash. Land is acquired from any land owner/Investor against exemption rate i.e issuance of 1 Kanal (i.e 500 Sq Yards) Residential plot file(s) against 1 acre of raw land. Numbers of files are negotiated on basis of quality, quantity (i.e in contiguity) and location of offered land.

What is DHA Multan notified area?

It is an area which has been gazette notified as controlled area for development of DHA Multan. Within DHA Multan notified control area none of the following activity can take place without obtaining NOC from DHA Authorities, and legal action can be taken against the violator:-
a. Excavation of land.
b. Cutting of Trees.
c. Any type of constructions, or reconstructions
d. Transfer of land except Warasti Intiqal
e. No illegal sub-division, planning, preparing, developing or executing a housing scheme else it shall be dealt with under Article 18 & 19 of Defence Housing Authority order 2002, which provides of imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with both.

What kind of land is not acceptable to DHA Multan?

Any land which is contentious, pledged, mortgaged, excavated or falls out of DHA area of interest is not acceptable to DHA.

What is the location of DHA Multan?

Multan is expanding in all directions,however keeping in view the physical and social infrastructure,better transport linkages and  easier accessibility, an ideal location spread over 9000 Acres was selected between Bosan road and Matital road  adjacent to Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan


What are Plot and Villa sizes in DHA Multan?

DHA Multan encompasses wide range of residential plots(5,8.10 Marla and 1 and 2 kanal),Commercial plots(4 and 8 Marla) and DHA Villas (6,9 and 12 Marla) .

What is the total file value of DHA Multan Plot or any hidden Charges ?

Cost of Pot along with membership excluded development charges of different categorizes of plots are :

2 kanal(13,000,000+64,160)

1 kanal(6800,000+64,160)

10 Marla(3,500,000+64,160)

8 Marla(3,000,000+64,160)

5 Marla(2,000,000+64,160)

4 Marla commercial (17,500,000+64,160)

8 Marla commercial (35,000,000+64,160)

No hidden charges, For current market rate. Please contact DHA Multan register dealers listed on the website